Thursday, August 23, 2007


Gary Smulyan

"...Smulyan's tone seems to get bigger and his ideas more expansive from album to album"
Doug Ramsey Jazz Times

"...exhibits his charachteristic bold sound, magisterial line invention, easy chair warmth, and robust swing"
Zan Stewart Stereophile

"... Smulyan's bari is sweet as silk, and smooth as butter"
CD Reviews Magazine

"...Smulyan never compromises his robust sound and urbane wit"
Mark Stryker Detroit Free Press

" ...a pointed improviser..." Ben Ratliff New York Times

" of the best baritonists..." Gary Giddins Village Voice

"... Pepper Adams' heir on baritone sax..."
Bob Blumenthal Boston Globe

"... His phrasings and inflections are flawless... he has mastered the ability to play changes with the same fluency that Pepper Adams did..."
Tim Price Saxophone Journal

"...romps through beboppish solos with amazingly clean articulation ..." Newark Star Ledger

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