Sunday, October 21, 2007

Notso Fun

Saturday Red and I went to his last class (we will be starting another in February) This was a "fun match" which is a mock dog show event. We were given numbers and had to preform a series of turns , stopping and starting and a number of other tests.Then ,the whole class re- entered the judging area for the long sit stay and down stay tests . Of course Red could not sit and stay for longer that 30 seconds . Then real disaster struck . On the initial down stay command he went down but was up again in a few seconds. When I tried again he went down but rolled around on his back, his legs flailing at odd angles. By then I could not get him to go down .This all occurred in about 30 seconds (but seemed like 9 days) All the other dogs had been preforming admirably Lying and staying perfectly still but those directly near us were getting a little restless. Then the instructor said NUMBER 3 PLEASE MOVE YOUR DOG TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TEST AREA HE IS DISTRACTING THE OTHERS!!! I then told Red , oh great, now we are going to have to put on dunce caps and stand in the corner. Some things never change

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Flux said...

I feel your pain, Gregg! Mr Pepe is just like Red. They both seem to have selective hearing problems.