Sunday, April 13, 2008


The other night during a thunderstorm we had an episode with Red that frazzled me. He likes going under our car for security and had done so during the storm. I went out to check on him and discovered that he had caught his cable somewhere under the car and could not move.
At first I calmly tried to reach the snap to release him but quickly discovered he was pulled so tight I could not. He was getting upset and pulling so tight that he was starting to choke. I went to the other end where the lead connects to the house but there too,it was to tight to disconnect. I then ran into the house to get a pair of heavy duty scissors to cut the cable but they were not heavy enough. By that time Sharon had arrived and was very helpful by asking me a never ending array of stupid questions then adding helpful comments like "hurry he's chocking"! I got back on the ground and was trying unsuccessfully to free him ,as he looked at me with those soulful eyes and was going hawwwkk hawwwakk hawwakk. I fearfully began to wonder if he was going to choke to death right before my eyes while I helplessly fumbled with the stupid cable not being able to see where it was caught or reach the snap on his back. Finally I got up ,grabbed the flashlight and raced under the house(it is on post and pier) to try to get a better position to disconnect the cable it at the post . I was able to pull it enough to create some slack, work the snap which released the pressure and got him loose . It all was all truly awful!

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