Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sharp Top Summit

This was taken at the summit of Mt. Sharp Top, one of the two mountains surrounding the lodge where we were married. We originally wanted to have the ceremony at this spot but realized it would be difficult for everyone to get there. Eventually we learned that another couple (Park Rangers) had been married at the here so it lost some appeal . Sharon's parents were regular churchgoers but did agree to the ceremony outside of a church and the Lodge is a spot that they felt comfortable with.
I love the fact that we only had 14 at our wedding ,including the minister!
The lodge (and their excellent restaurant kitchen) catered it. The total cost was $40!!
Between the setting and the excellent food we could have not asked for more.


Flux said...

Hi Gregg!

Nice bell bottoms.

Gregg said...

Even though it was 1971 I think they
are more boot cut! Maybe my funny legs make them look bigger!