Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just another day on the 'estate'

Today we worked on our pineapples and bananas . After having either eaten or given away almost 100 pineapples . we are now organizing the remaining plants for next year . This involves weeding the plants that remain and will fruit next year and rooting the tops which are cut off of the fruits.They are processed by removing their bottom "petals" and placed in jars to develop roots . There are also other babies on the plants that can be removed and put through the same process. Today we weeded and fertilized part of the plants in the photo. To locate the area where we were working see August post section b. We also worked on our bananas in the same area. Over the last several weeks we have had 5 bunches develop. After they are cut off of the plant, it is cut down as it will not fruit again. So today we cut one bunch off and 3 plants down. We spent over two hours working on all of this. Just another day on the 'estate'

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