Sunday, February 08, 2009

I just finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is a Gothic moral novel written by Oscar Wild in 1891.
The main Character, Dorian Gray is the subject of a portrait painted by his friend Basil Hallward . Dorian is a beautiful young man at the time when he is introduced by Basil to Lord Henry Wotton. Influenced by Lord Wotton Dorian, descends into a life of vice. He begins by praying to have the portrait absorb his sins if he can retain his astonishing youthful appearance. Through out the novel the portrait becomes more hideous(as a result of Dorian's sins) but he remains youthful and handsome . As he descends into darkness he eventually Kills his friend Basil and in the end attempts to destroy the painting only to kill himself instead. After Dorian's death his likeness in the portrait returns to its original condition.
This would have made a great Twilight Zone story.

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