Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Right !

police car clipartLast night we went to our monthly neighborhood watch meeting. As usual our community police officer came to give his report. On our way in we had noticed his car parked in the lot because it was a new white Dodge
Challenger with a big Hemi v8 in it ( Some Police cars used here are privately owned) . Talking to him later he said he used to have a Mustang. This reminded me of something that happened several weeks ago.
Driving home from the grocery we were passed(on the right) by someone who must have been doing 70 in a 45 zone. As he roared around us I shouted where is a cop when you need one! Shortly after that we passed our officer in his mustang pulling that jerk over!! It was a really great fist pumping ALL RIGHT !!moment.
It was just as enjoyable relating the story to him last night !

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