Sunday, December 06, 2009


We put up our Christmas tree up today and for me it was a real kick. I spent an hour or so putting the lights on. When I was finally finished and was fine tuning , trying to make all of them well spaced and visible, I accidentally cut one of the strands in two with my pruners. Of course the lights were plugged in at the time and with a dramatic pop and flash all 75 of them went off. I was not hurt (except my pride) but sat down stunned. In all of my years doing this I have never done anything like that .Thank goodness it wasn't a total disaster . After I recovered (emotionally) ,I removed the damaged set, replaced the fuses in the other two and put another set in. As always the tree turned out great ! I have always said it is all in the recovery!

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Mark said...

I trimmed the extesion cord with the hedge trimmer while your Mom watched once upon a time. What a spark it made!!!!!