Friday, March 12, 2010


I have made a few posts about being really connected with something from the past . Most of the time it has occurred while reading a book . This time it is this posted sign. It is located in an area called Wa'a Wa'a. The first time I saw it (there are actually 2 signs) I was intrigued. The coast road ,a rough two lane road, comes to a point where it becomes unpaved . For various reasons it was never improved . It runs through an area that is off the grid and really not developed much. It is not difficult to imagine this junglish cool place is Hawaii as it was a few centuries ago . Then ,there were divisions of land called ahupua'a, usually extending from the uplands to the sea . These two signs then ,facing opposite directions about a quater mile apart,
have written on them an Hawaiian chant for safe passage through the ahupua'a .
Another solid connection to History

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