Monday, November 15, 2010

Another never know moment

On our way to town today( Monday is our weekly grocery shopping day) we had another you never know moment.
The store is about 30 miles away(hence the weekly shopping) and we take Highway 130. About half way there we zoomed by a small kitten in the middle of the road. I yelled STOP, and we pulled onto the shoulder. It was pouring down rain (as it often does here) and I bolted out of the car . Some how I managed to stop traffic in both directions , and on my knees
grabbed the kitten which was under one of the stopped vehicles. As I carried it to the side of the road it started biting me and I said " I'm trying to help you here". We reached the car, It is still raining and I am bleeding , now wondering if it was all worth it. We drove to our vet and parked. In the process of trying to get the the little guy/gal in the building the feisty thing bit and scratched me again . I dropped it and it promptly ran under our car and disappeared . Fortunately
our vet knew what to do and we got it into a carrier . We called our friend Sandi who works at an Animal Sanctuary and our little friend will be there soon!

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