Thursday, March 10, 2011

Better Repair

I recently fixed a set of headphones I have. The material covering the foam rings had
deteriorated (blame the sub tropic environment) and was flaking off all over me. Now that they are in good working order again I have been trying to catch up listening to some boxed sets acquired over the past few years. I tend to buy them, listen once and go on to something else. It might take some time but I eventually return to each and get to know it better. The latest is The Nat King Cole/ Billy May sessions.
The material on this 2 CD set was recorded in the late 50s/early 60s. All of the arrangements are done by Billy May and performed by his orchestra although there are exceptions where Nat King Cole is accompanied by a small group. The orchestra (there are strings on some cuts) is very full and with the addition of a Tuba
a really interesting full sound range is produced. the arrangements are excellent and of Course Nat King Cole
is too. The execution is perfect making everything fit .
This would not be nearly as easy to hear without the head set . I shall make an effort to keep them in better repair!

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