Sunday, November 27, 2011


What an evening it was. Saturday Sharon and I had a wild evening. It began with a wonderful crazy flaming red sunset upon arrival at the volcano National park. It is at the 4,000 foot level of Mauna Loa(14,000ft) The mountain looked as if giant piece of the sky had been cut out and all around it there were scarlet clouds. We were up there to see the the Brothers Cazimero. They have been singing Hawaiian music for many years and are truly great showmen. Their long careers include 36 albums and performances at Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood bowl . Just seeing them would have been enough but there is more. Because the venue was in the Volcano National park, after the show we took a detour to one of the two active volcano vents to see the glowing lava lake. This would have been awesome enough(it was 9 pm and about 48degrees ) but there is still more. This weekend there were wind advisories here on the Island and it was blowing so hard (50 mph) that we had trouble keeping our balance. Buffeting there in the dark , gawking at this swirling,steamy orange glow ,while freezing and trying to avoid being blown off this cliff was quite challenging. Astounding what a diverse place Hawaii island is!

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