Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heart breaking

Why does this not get easier? This heart breaking process of loosing an animal that has been with you for 16 years.  Almost 16 years ago we took Harlech ( named after a castle in wales) in after he and his sister were abandoned.  Until about one year ago he has had  a healthy life . It was then that we noticed he was loosing weight and took him for a check up.
 After about a thousand dollars the only thing we learned was that he had a high Calcium level . Since then he has been stable. Until now. A few days ago he  just stopped eating as much and has become much less active and responsive . At this point  all we can do is realize he will not get better and try to make things easier for him.
 As I said ,why does this process  not get easier

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bdfu said...

I feel for you. We lost both our dog and our cat last year. They were very to close to us - and to each other. Once one passed, the other followed soon after.

The upside? Our cat invited a neighbor cat to take his place. The year earlier, she came in through our pet door and jumped up on my lap - and stayed. The two of them spent their days grooming each other (as our male whispered the secrets of his owners into her ear). All three animals would spend their days sunning in the driveway, often sharing the same pillow.

Our cat passed a month after the dog. The new cat stayed. Our neighbor eventually said she was ours.