Sunday, April 28, 2013


It rained today so we had to stay inside. Normally we would be out on "the property" doing something ,but
had to shift gears. For a while we have been organizing our books so decided to work on that. A while back I had taken several over sized books down stairs but today decided to bring them back up.
As I collected them it hit me just how fortunate we have been . I realized these books (that have been purchased and carted around for over 20 years are a collection of all the wonderful things Sharon and I  have done Guide books -- informational books on Castles  --- Cathedrals ---  European  capitols --- The Venice Simplon Orient express (which we took from London to Venice via Paris) Books about  each of  the art exhibits we toured In the 26 years we lived in San Francisco ----on and on . We have been fortunate

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