Sunday, January 13, 2008

This mornings combination of Sun and rain produced this nice photo of a rainbow over my house . It happens quite frequently here because it often rains over night and in the morning. It put me in a great positive mood. It also started me thinking about this New Year and attempting once again to improve myself. For quite a while now I have been attempting this but always end up constantly falling flat on my face. Why is it so difficult to correct or even understand why I muck this up all of the time. I do have a plan which involves developing mindfulness living. I have been working on this using a book titled Wherever you go there you are written by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The idea is to develop mindfulness (waking up and paying attention to see things as they really are) there by offseting diminished awareness which leads to automatic actions. This is developed through practicing meditation. So far, all I manage to accomplish while practicing meditation is falling asleep. This makes waking up and paying attention somewhat difficult. I'll keep trying though. If nothing else I will have a nice nap every day!

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