Sunday, May 25, 2008


I was born and raised in Indianapolis. During that time I grew to believe there were better places. I called it IndianaNOplace. I eventually moved to San Francisco (fell in love with it while there in the army) and poor old Indianapolis didn't compare well. When Indianapolis came up I would always say it was good to be from Indianapolis Far from it! That went on for 25 years.
But it is funny (not haha) how attitudes change.That point came to me again today as I watched (and listened )to Jim Neighbors sing Back Home Again In Indiana before the 500 race on TV . I got all choked up. I suppose I can't have it both ways and have to admit that I miss it . Not just the place but my parents that no longer are there or here .
There it is ----- I admit it -----I was a Hoosier .

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rhyme child said...

i think i know what you mean greg, 'cause sometimes i feel so sick to be here and all my old me has been left way out there, beyond reach...