Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Breakfast

For more years that I would like to admit Sharon and I have had this great big breakfast on Sunday. It really started with my family when I was a kid . As soon as I was old enough I started making Coffee for mom and dad . Then I graduated to fixing eggs and on Sunday small omelette's . After I was married this practice has continued. Over the years I have added things to it . I learned to fix hash browns and added sausage . At one point I shopped at Andronico's in San Francisco which had a selection of 50 sausages! I even went so far as to try a different one every week and went through almost all of them ,even rating them. After moving here I lost that luxury but still manage to find something. Still it is the fun in trying to make a good omelet every week . I haven't managed to get them as good as I want but will keep trying.

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