Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Had a interesting moment today while while reading Xenophon's "The Persian Expedition". It occurred as I was reading Xenophon's speech to the remainder of the 10,000 after suffering
a demoralizing setback . In the middle of his impassioned speech I suddenly sneezed. As it was only one time I continued reading . To my amazement the next paragraph said this.

"Just as he was saying this. someone sneezed ,and, when the soldiers heard it they all with one accord fell on their knees and worshiped the god who had given them this sign.

Xenophon went on: I think ,soldiers ,that, since an omen from Zeus the Saviour appeared just when we were speaking about safety ,we ought to make a vow that we will give thank-offerings to the god for our safety in the place where we first reach friendly soil, and we should also vow to offer sacrifices to the other gods to the best of our ability".Never knew a reader could have such impact ".


rhyme child said...
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rhyme child said...

first of all, you sneezed due to 1) the cool weather of the island of hilo, 2) the ancient age of the book (old enough to be allergic to by a modern day person) you were reading at and breathing in from 3) people sneeze all the time.

secondly, "never new a reader could have..." - the word "new" is a mis-spelling for "knew" - although the ancient greeks had never cared about/for the english spelling as we/you do.

thirdly, hey gregg, your blog has gotten even a whole better than ever - in terms of its substances.

-rhyme child