Saturday, September 18, 2010

Should be fun

On the reading front I just finished The Stones of Venice and am starting The British Museum is Falling Down written by David Lodge. The stones of Venice was really enjoyable and much more than than I had thought. It is written so well that I did not have as much difficulty with it as I feared. the Author presents his Ideas that the art of the renaissance is pestilent.The first half of the book is spent in a crash course of fundamental aspects of architecture so that the reader can see the good and bad of each period. After a section discussing the nature of the Gothic he then moves on to wonderful detailed descriptions of the two most important buildings of Venice.The Gothic Ducal Palace and the Basilica of St Mark. He ends with 3 chapters on Renaissance presenting his reasons for its failures .

My new book is a comic novel(a departure from my usual non fiction reading) regarding Catholics and their dilemma with birth control. A blurb on the back cover states
Rueful Rabelaisian glee
Catholic Herald
Should be fun!

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