Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I am getting most adept at selecting challenging books. I think I have said before I started
this practice after seeing it in a book about reading. Anyway, The British museum is falling down( the Author
originally wanted to name it The British Museum had lost its Charm) turned out to be more than I expected.
It is a humorous story about a Catholic British couple struggling with the churches practices regarding birth control.
But because the main character is involved in Literary research at the British Museum the author cleverly writes
parts of each chapter in the style of several notable classic authors . Not being familiar( with any detail ) of the authors
being parodied It went right over my head for the most part. It was not until the books afterword that I had the AHAH!
moment. I enjoyed it none the less. Now I am reading about St Peters Basilica . Not becuse of the catholic theme of this book alone but in combination of it and The stones of Venice. I wonder if you could call it viral reading?

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