Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Darjeeling and the Trifle Bowl

The last time we visited England was during Christmas 2000. One of the lasting memories was a wonderful Trifle we had for Christmas dinner.
We liked it so much we had to try to fix one after we returned home. So, sometime after returning we made a trip to William Sonoma to get a trifle bowl . At the store we found a really good one and bought it . They placed it in one of their bags with the cord handles and we were on our way. At home we put our purchase in the extra bed room and went about our business.
Enter Darjeeling our curious cat. After a day or so the new object in the room had to be
explored . While checking it out (she probably thought is was her prey) she managed to put her
head through one of the bag handles then promptly forgot how to back out of it. She got excited,bolted and both she and her new appendage went flying down the basement steps. At the bottom landing they turned right and in quickly turning that direction the handle broke and the bag (and our new prized Trifle bowl) were sent crashing into the wall to the left .
Just for the heck of it we called the credit card co. to see if this whole humorous episode qualified for an insurance replacement payment. The agent said unfortunately not but He would to print it and place it on their bulletin board for a laugh .

I suppose that is almost as good!

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