Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gotta love it

This reforestation thing is really pleasant . To be sure it is a lot of back breaking sweat laden work and we have been at it for years but it is worth it. Today the temperature was just right and skies were clear which makes working in the forest , with the its sounds really enjoyable. With almost no "city noise" to mask it ,the birds ,wind and even insects create an almost meditative atmosphere. But this photo illustrates one of the best things about doing this. The rock formation in the background (actually old lava rock) was completely hidden in invasive weeds and vines. When I first noticed parts of it in the initial stages of clearing I imagined what an archaeologist must feel like making more important discoveries. Now it is all cleared and is glorius. There is another bigger formation farther back on the lot which we will be getting to soon. This has become my retirement career!
Gotta love it!

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