Friday, July 11, 2008

Door Hockey

Darjeeling was only one of the energetic intelligent cats we have had(oops that have had us) Her brother Earl Grey was another. They were both feral cats born in our back yard in San Francisco in the late 80s and were the smartest best cats
in our feline family. Earl Grey was the official greeter of the house. He was always at the door no matter who was on the other side.
Just had to see who was coming to visit him ! He also fetched which is unusual for a cat.
At first it was plastic snap can lids but he was overjoyed when we found a little frisbe for him .
But the best was a game we invented. We called it door hockey. Because we had hardwood floors it was possible to slide a plastic lid under the door .
I would go into the bed room and close the door and he would be on the other side . Then we would shove the lid back and forth. We actually did this for for 10 or 15 minutes an a time!
I would try to get it past him but usually did not. Even when I did ,I could hear him( trot trot trot --scuffle-- trot trot--- plop ) and it came flying back under the door at me . Sometimes I would get this interesting feeling that a human was on the other side of that door!
Door Hockey and Earl, Grey miss them both!

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