Saturday, December 27, 2008

Corporate Madness

When will all of this corporate madness end? It has permeated everything! I suppose it has been worsening over many years but now has gotten to a point that it is not even thought about. In sports(not to mention television or other media) at a professional or collegiate level, logos are everywhere . It doesn't matter which sports, either .Football, Baseball ,or Basketball, they are all infected. On facilities , uniforms , around the playing fields ,between the goal posts , even on blimps . Not only are there images, but there is audio too.You know, when the opening lineup is brought to you by someone , the security company presents a stolen base report or the phone company makes its call to the bullpen for a relief pitcher. We are drowning in Ads! While at Indiana University I loved going to Basketball games. Since that time I watch the Hoosiers periodically and a year ago was appalled when I found that they had installed a new immense hideous scoreboard suspended from the roof over center court. But that was not the worst . There are new brilliantly lighted logo scroller machines on the sidelines .To me, all of this seems pervert a basic principal that information should be presented for the benefit of the public rather than to line someones pocket. It should be presented honestly, not taken by a second party and then dispensed only after being used for their benefit. Some time soon I hope the public wakes up and sees what a detriment all of this is.

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