Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Is Interesting

An email I received from a friend the other day made me think about math. It had a list of 10
names that could be a role model to you.The 9th name was my friends name . In order to get your role model's name (number) you had to go through several steps of calculations. Of course it was set up for my friends name which was # 9 on the list. Ordinarily I shy away from stuff like this because math makes my head hurt. I have always struggled with it being easily distracted. Oddly enough during my time working at Sears the personnel manager called me to his office one day and said my aptitude scores indicated I was good with math(go figure ) and asked me if I would be interested in working in the pay roll office. I still can not figure out where he got that crazy idea but I decided to do it. Well, I lasted about 8 months (mainly because no one else wanted to replace me) but I digress.

Selecting your role model worked like this
(1)select a number (from 1to 9)
(2) multiply by 3
(3) add 3
(4) multiply by 3 again
(5) add the 2 digits

I then realized that all of the numbers you might pick (1 through 9) caused the the same result .

1x3=3+3=6x3=18 1+8=9
2x3=6+3=9x3=27 2+7=9
3x3=9+3=12x3=36 3+6=9
6x3=18+3=21x3=63 6 +3=9
7x3=21+3=24x3=72 7+2=9
8x3=24+3=27x3=81 8+1=9
9x3=27+3=30x3=90 9+0=9
notice how the first and second sums increase by 3 the 3rd by 9 . What is
even more fascinating is that they all produce numbers that add up to 9
I still don't like math but this is interesting

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