Saturday, December 20, 2008

Precision spin

My love of music goes back a long way. In High School I was of course in the band . We were pretty good (or so I thought at the time) but we were full of ourselves too! We marched in several parades but I remember one when the sousaphone players got the bright idea of doing a 360 degree spin periodically while we were marching but not playing. They timed it very well ,so the spin occurred at the same place, during the cymbal crash of the drum cadence. It was pretty flashy so our the band director (the revered Mr. Calvert) went along with it reluctantly.All went well until we approached the review stand . This is the location of all the events officials, including the ones who judge the best units in the parade. We smartly strutted past the stand and then the disaster struck. As the sousaphone rank got right opposite the stand, they executed their precision spin but a bell (top) of one of the instruments flew off . As if that wasn't bad enough it landed behind us, as they were the last rank, hitting the street at an angle and proceeding to spin for what seemed like an eternity. The player sheepishly retrieved it and rushed to catch up with us. Needless to say they never did their precision spin again.

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