Sunday, May 20, 2012

From the archives Dolt 2009

This morning we were a little stressed out because one of our cats was going to the vet to have his teeth cleaned. He does not like the carrying case(you can't blame him as he was confined to one when we flew here from San Francisco while moving ) After I put him in the box and rushed to put on my shoes I felt as if my right foot was being crammed into shoe 2 sizes too small. After a short struggle I got it on , grabbed the box and limped out the door feeling as if my foot was going to break in half.I kept thinking something is not right here and after we had finished talking to the vet I sat down in the waiting room to see if my foot had indeed been broken. When I got the shoe off, and looked inside I was astonished to find a shoe horn in there. It was cheap and made of plastic so it is interesting that it didn't break. It was so funny that I didn't even care that I am such dolt!

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