Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun Stuff

My last post got me remembering other fun stuff that has happened to me.  I spent 3 years in an Army band stationed at Fort Harrison. For some reason musicians have off beat (so to speak) senses of humor . This surfaced many times in those 3 years For example . We used to have to play monthly  outdoor ceremonies that marked changes in command or retirements.They were held in a large field and involved  several units of men. The band was the first unit and when the command was given we would  lead the entire group to pass in review . Once past the reviewing stand we would make a left turn , a counter march  , stop and play as the rest of the units  passed. On one occasion our Drum Major
(who every one though was a pain) gave a wrong command to turn right in stead of left at that point.
 You can probably guess what happened. The right side of of  band took him at his word (knowing it was wrong ) and we  split right in half.. We all laughed hysterically (except the Drum Major) Needless to say it did not go over so well  and we never did it again.

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