Friday, May 04, 2012

What is it with us and Grey cats? Our first was named Earl Grey(aka smartest cat in the world) He was with us for almost 17 years. Then along came Harlech(who just left us) and his look alike sister Criccieth . As if that were not odd enough, today on our neighborhood watch run we had the misfortune of discovering not one but two grey kittens. I say misfortune because they had both been hit and killed.
Is there anything more upsetting than that? We would happily have adopted them had the dullards
that left them next to a county highway had asked.As for the dolts that hit them; I can not understand how they  could do that and  continue blithely on their way . We collected them, took them home and buried them. I suppose you might say we  did adopt them after a fashion.

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